Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Youtube Video Download Tips

Youtube Video Download Trick

 Most of the users want to download youtube videos.For downloading these videos users install some softwares,extensions,add-ons.But these softwares are not working or downloading speed is so slow.
So , for this problem we have an easy solution.

 Users can download youtube videos easily by a simple trick.
To download videos they have to simply open the desired video.Then they have to type in the video url "ss" and just hit enter.
For example if  video link's URL is
Then users have to type simply ss in this way
   After this they have to just hit enter and then a new webpage of will open which have the links to download the video.
Then they have to choose the quality of video and click the link.After that video downloads starts in high speed.
So use this trick and leave all the extension to download youtube videos which causes the crashing of browser.

Users can ask any question or clear the doubts in comment section.

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