Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How To Recover Forgotten Password Of IRCTC Account

The IRCTC website is a much useful website for the internet users ,office users and most of other pepole.User can easily book their tickets through online.But sometime after use over a period users forget their accounts password or someone hack their account. So , then  the user panics how to Recover their IRCTC Account password? Don't worry there is an easy way to Recover IRCTC account password.

Simple Steps To Recover 
IRCTC Account Password:

STEP 1.  First of all visit IRCTC official website by clicking this link www.irctc.co.in which will open the homepage of IRCTC as following

STEP 2. Now,click on "forgot password" then this window will appear

STEP 3. Now input your user id as following page

STEP 4. Now click on "proceed" this will open the followin page which inform you that yur password has been reset and sent to your registered e-mail id.

STEP 5. Now login on your registered e-mail id and open the mail which comes from "irctc ticket admin" and there you will have IRCTC accounts new password.Now you recovered your accounts password.

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  1. the information given in the post is nice.you presented this in very nice way.nice work

  2. Nice information given.Keep it up

  3. nice information given.thanks to share your tips on the blog.by using this post i recovered my irctc account

  4. my e mail has been changed by hacker . new pass words are going to his email Id , what to do now ??


  5. This is really a helpful post that i had needed most at this time when i had forgotten my password and want to recover my account for Irctc Registration

  6. Thanks for sharing this helpful post one of my relative forget the their account credentials so i can suggest them to now how to login with that IRCTC Sign up details.

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