Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How To Find The Train Current Running Status

Indian Railways is Asia's largest rail network.About 30 million people travel in one day in 10000+ trains running across the country.Because of this reason indian railway network is so complex and train delay time sometime much more than original time.Because of this reason most of the traveller having problem to travel in train.
So,therefore it is essential to know the current running status of train.

Users can find current running status of train by visiting following websites:

Following is an example to find train current running status in the website

Simple Steps To Find Current Running Status Of  Train. 

1.First visit the website
It will open the following page.

2.Now click on "Train Running Information" in the information section.
After this the following page will appears.

3.Now enter the train no or train name and click on search.
It will open the following page.

4.Now click on Select Exact Train.
This will open the page as following.

5.Now click on Go as your preferred option.
After this the train current running status will be easily available as following.


  1. this is very nice information. By using this we can find the train current running status easily on the pc & mobile.thanx frnds.buddy pls post how to test internet speed on the mobile and give the information about formatting nokia n series mobile.

  2. nice & useful information,but it'll be more useful if we can find the ecact location of train live.Anyway it's also useful make it more useful by adding the information to find exact location of the train.Thanks to share it on your blog

  3. You suggest some websites which offering utilities for track your running train information. I would like to suggest one more. That is TravelKhana.Com utility, visit for spot your train.

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