Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fastest Live Cricket Streaming Online

Now a day’s technology have been developed as well as developing. In Today's world the people are too busy on their work. So they miss all the entertainment to their life. They don't have so much time to get sit and watch their desired programmes. Cricket is one of the popular programme that people can't watch as they have so much load on their work. So here is a solution for the online users. Now online users can watch the cricket online by live streaming. Now there are so much websites that allows users online to watch Cricket by Live Streaming. Crictime is one of the best websites that allows users to watch Cricket by Live Streaming. is the fastest website for Live Streaming Cricket. It has six servers. So if any server are so busy by overload of online users .The new users can use another server and move until the 6th have some advertisement on their webpage. But that doesn't affect its speed so much. If anyone have problem with the speed, then they can close the advertisement. It will increase their speed and reduce their traffic usage. It requires 120-260 kbps for live streaming.

The Homepage of the website is following

Advantage of
  • It is the fastest Live Streaming Website.
  • It has six servers.
  • Fastest speed of streaming.
  • It works on 2G and works fine in 3G.
  • It requires less speed 120-260 kbps which is provided by mostly network in 2G plan     

So users are advised to use this website to watch Cricket Live Streaming.
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